5 Signs You Need Repairs For Your Furnace

heating-installation-servicesEnjoying some relaxation inside a warm home on a cold day is a great feeling. Your furnace works hard to make sure that you can achieve this comfortable environment. If your furnace begins to struggle though, you are going to find yourself having trouble keeping warm.

Issues with your furnace shouldn’t be ignored. They aren’t going to improve on their own. This is why we want you to know we are here to help. Here are some possible warning signs that you need furnace repair in Gresham, OR so you know when to reach out for prompt service.

These 5 Issues Mean Your Furnace Is in Trouble

You will want to know what the warning signs are that your furnace needs repairs so you can act fast. Things won’t become dangerous overnight, but prompt service is always the best choice.

  1. New and concerning sounds: A furnace will make a moderate level of noise such as the whoosh of warm air, the sound of burning gas, and even some crackling or clicking after it turns off as ductwork cools. Encountering loud, new noises from your furnace isn’t normal. Sounds like rattling, screeching, booming, hissing, and even constant clicking are all indicators of trouble
  2. Increased energy bills: Your use of your furnace hasn’t increased but you’ve noticed that your energy bills are rising each month. Check that your filter is clean to see if this resolves the issue. If the problem persists or the filter is clean, then contact a professional to check your furnace.
  3. Short cycling: The furnace turns on and only runs for a few minutes before shutting off. This will probably only give you a small spurt of warm air in the house and leave you frustrated. What’s worse, short cycling uses a lot of energy! Don’t ignore this problem–have a professional check your heater out ASAP. There’s a risk it may be overheating.
  4. Poor heating: You’d be surprised how many people try to brush this one off! A furnace that isn’t heating your home very well or is leaving some parts of the house cold is one that needs repairs. Don’t struggle with poor heating, get a technician to resolve the issue today.
  5. Concerning smells: Lastly, we need to talk about smells. At the beginning of the heating season, you may notice the smell of dust burning off your furnace. This smell can occur for a day or two without being a sign of a problem. But long-standing smells or the smell of sulfur can be a sign of trouble. When you smell sulfur or rotten eggs specifically, it is a sign of a gas leak and must be treated seriously.

When something seems to be wrong with your furnace, it is always the right course of action to reach out to a professional technician for help. Only a pro can provide the level of service and the safety that you need.

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there. Schedule your repairs with The Clean Air Act today.

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