Is Your AC Making Noises You Should Worry About?

You are relying on your air conditioner more these days now that summer is in full swing. But you’ve started to notice that using your air conditioner is becoming a noisy endeavor. This isn’t something to brush off.

An air conditioner that is making more noise than usual while in operation is one that likely needs an AC repair in Clackamas, OR. But are the noises you are hearing ones to be concerned about? Read on to discover the noises you don’t want your AC to make.

Rattling or Clanging

When your air conditioner starts to emit a rattling or a clanging noise, we’d advise calling a technician to have your system checked.

What you are hearing may be a loose part. This doesn’t sound like too big of an issue at first, but the reality is much different. A loose part that is still in its housing may rattle or buzz and it may reduce the efficiency of your system’s operation. Rattling, on the other hand, is a likely indicator of a part that has come free of its housing and is bouncing around in the system, wreaking havoc and increasing the price on your repair bill.

Hissing or Bubbling

Perhaps your air conditioner sounds like it is trying to impersonate the sounds made in your kitchen when you cook. Hissing and bubbling won’t create anything other than trouble though. Both of these noises can be indicators of possible refrigerant leaks in your air conditioner.

Hissing indicates there is a leak that is allowing gaseous refrigerant to escape the system. Bubbling is created when air is allowed into the refrigerant line in an area where the refrigerant is still a liquid. Neither is a good noise to hear from your AC.

Humming and Buzzing

These might be harder to pick up on, but they are signs of trouble. Humming or buzzing can indicate a couple of issues including:

  • An issue in the electrical components of your AC.
  • A leak in the ductwork that air is escaping from.
  • An overly dirty filter.
  • An overly dirty evaporator coil.

Screeching or Screaming

It is pretty apparent that if your air conditioner is creating a loud sharp noise that can be described as screeching or screaming, something is wrong. The most likely cause of this noise comes from metal scraping against metal, such as when you have a blower motor belt that is dried out. The best response is to shut the system off before the damage gets worse and schedule an inspection and repairs ASAP.

If there is something that doesn’t sound quite right in your air conditioner, the sooner you have a professional technician check out the system the better. Our expert team members work quickly and effectively, getting your diagnosis and your repairs handled in a reasonable amount of time while still offering quality solutions.

Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there! Contact The Clean Air Act to book your AC repairs today.

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