Are AC Tune-Ups or Repairs More Important?

blue-question-markYou want to take care of your air conditioner. A well-cared-for AC is more likely to take good care of you on a hot day, after all. But does that mean you really have to schedule tune-ups for it every year? Similarly, can you just use maintenance to address a small repair need?

You may be wondering if you can get by with just maintenance or repairs. We understand the inclination, but we want to make sure that you understand why both expert maintenance and expert repairs are vital to your AC system.

The Importance of AC Maintenance

Air conditioner maintenance is like training before a marathon. This service will help prepare your AC system for the hard work that it will have to do throughout the summer. Without expert maintenance performed each year, your AC may not be able to provide the most effective or energy-efficient performance possible.

Schedule air conditioner maintenance with a trained professional each year will provide benefits such as:

  • Better system efficiency: Tune-ups prevent a 5% loss of efficiency each year.
  • Reduced repair needs: Prevents up to 85% of repairs throughout the system’s lifespan
  • Improved effectiveness: A well-maintained AC will be able to cool your home more effectively.

The Importance of Expert AC Repair in Portland

So, if you schedule maintenance, do you really need to worry about air conditioner repairs? The answer is yes! Well, maybe you don’t need to worry about it, but you will still need to get repairs now and then over the course of your system’s lifespan.

Air conditioner repairs address the problems that develop in your system due to regular wear and tear. While maintenance can reduce the need for repairs, it won’t completely negate the need for them. Dirt may still collect on your evaporator coil and cause problems. Leaks can still form in your refrigerant line or ductwork. Fan blades can still break. AC repairs are still important because they keep your system running!

Is One More Important Than the Other?

Maintenance and repairs are both important to your air conditioner. Neither one is truly more important than the other because they are meant to work together to keep your system working properly for the maximum amount of time.

You can of course skip maintenance in favor of just addressing repairs when they pop up—but you’ll see a good deal more repairs and they will become far more expensive far more quickly. And you can stick with just getting maintenance but you’ll be biding time until your system breaks down. Maintenance and repairs make a good pair!

Of course, the follow-up question is, will your AC last forever with regular maintenance and prompt repairs? Sadly no, because no AC system can last forever. But these services can help keep your system working for the maximum number of years possible before it needs to be replaced, saving you money and time.

Whether you need maintenance, repairs, or a replacement for your air conditioner, you can count on The Clean Air Act to get the job done. Please call Sydni, our Office Extraordinaire, to schedule your next appointment! We will take care of you from there!

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