4 Reasons to Install a Ductless AC

ductless-heat-pumpNew technology has allowed more people to be able to consider the possibility of getting real temperature control in their homes. In previous years, anyone in a home that couldn’t support ductwork either had to make do with fans or window air conditioners. Now, these same individuals have a new, better option: a ductless AC.

If you haven’t considered a ductless air conditioning installation in Beaverton, OR before now, it may be a good idea to do so. These systems offer home comfort opportunities that may have seemed impossible before now. Read on to learn more and see how you can cool your home off this summer—with or without ducts!

How a ductless system does what it does

No, we aren’t kidding when we tell you that this kind of system can reliably cool your home without ductwork.

Ductless systems are a kind of heat pump. They use refrigerant to move heat out of the house (or into it in the winter, but we’ll touch on that further down).

The unique part about ductless systems is that, rather than using ductwork to distribute the air they create, they use multiple air handlers. Connected to the outdoor unit with condensate and refrigerant lines, these air handlers effectively and efficiently keep the temperature under control.

4 benefits a ductless AC offers

Is a ductless system worth it? We’d say yes if you are interested in the following benefits:

  • Efficient and effective cooling without the need for ductwork: We’ve already said it but it is just such a great perk! Because ductless systems don’t need ductwork, they can offer home comfort to houses that previously didn’t have a reliable cooling option. Homes that were too old or too small for a duct system can enjoy a cool summer with the help of a professionally installed duct system.
  • Temperature control all year long: As we said before, ductless systems are a kind of heat pump that moves heat. And that process can work both ways. In the summer, in cooling mode, a ductless system moves heat out of the house. In the winter, a ductless system serves as a highly efficient heater by bringing the heat in!
  • Easy zone control options: A ductless system’s air handlers can be run in unison but they can also be run individually. This comes in handy! Running one or two air handlers at a time provides easy zone control and helps you save a lot of energy. It also means you are far less likely to find yourself in a battle over the thermostat all summer.
  • Better indoor air quality: Ductwork can fall prey to leaks that allow dirty air to infiltrate your home. Likewise, ductwork can collect a large amount of debris over the years. These issues add up to problems with indoor air quality. Thankfully, since a ductless system uses air handlers rather than ducts, it is going to help improve your indoor air quality.

Hoping to install a ductless air conditioner before the heat really hits? Come to the pros at The Clean Air Act to get the job done right.

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