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Portland, OR Air Conditioning Services by The Clean Air Act Inc.

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A quality air conditioning system is an important part of any home. Every year, it provides ample cooling for your entire home throughout the summer, so it must be properly sized, well maintained and in good enough condition before the cooling season starts. That is why you should call the Portland, OR air conditioning specialists at The Clean Air Act for all of your cooling service needs.

For many years we have been a trusted provider of air conditioning services throughout the greater Portland and Beaverton region and can ensure your home is cool and comfortable all summer long. Contact The Clean Air Act today to learn more about the air conditioning services we offer in Portland.

Portland, OR Air Conditioning Repair Services

Once you have an air conditioning system installed in your home, it is important that your system remains in top working condition. If there is a problem, you want to know that Portland air conditioning repair specialist will be there to fix it as quickly as possible. At the same time, you can take preventive steps to avoid future air conditioner repair calls with an annual AC maintenance visit.

We offer comprehensive annual air conditioning maintenance plans designed to keep your air conditioning system running at top efficiency and without any potential ac repair issues for years to come. To learn more about our maintenance plans, give us a call and ask to talk with one of our Portland air conditioning specialists.

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Portland OR Air Conditioning Installation

The first step you will take when having a new air conditioner installed in your home is ensuring it is the right size and that it will provide ample heat for your home throughout the summer. We, therefore, start by performing a comprehensive load calculation of your home. During this process, we inspect your home’s existing cooling components, measure the square footage of the space that will be cooled and check your ductwork, air handler and other ventilation components to ensure they are sufficient for a new cooling system.

The next step is to select a model that matches the efficiency you need. Air conditioners are rated on the SEER scale. The higher the number, the more efficient the system and the less energy you will consume. Higher systems do cost more money, however, so it is important to balance the two: installation cost and ongoing operational costs. We can help you determine which size and efficiency system best matches those particular needs.

Regardless of what type of air conditioning system you decide to buy, it is important that it is well maintained from the start. The Clean Air Act, Inc. has been providing air conditioning installation services in Portland, OR for many years and can ensure that yours remains in top working condition year after year for decades to come.

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