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Portland Infrared Space Heaters by The Clean Air Act Inc.

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While most large scale, building–wide heating systems are very powerful, efficient setups, they are not designed to heat every space in your building. Patios, garages, construction sites and warehouse spaces are all notoriously tough to heat with traditional heating systems. That’s why infrared space heaters are so popular in many commercial settings – they allow you to easily provide heat without wasting a tremendous amount of money on your energy bills, which you would have with a traditional heating system.

To ensure you choose the right size and style of infrared space heater for your building, you need to contact a professional who knows their way around these devices. That’s where The Clean Air Act Inc. comes in. We have offered reliable, targeted infrared heating solutions to Portland, OR area customers for years to offer and we can do the same for you.

The Clean Air Act Inc. installs and services infrared space heaters throughout the greater Portland metropolitan area. Contact us to learn more.

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What is Infrared Heat?

How are infrared space heaters different from traditional heating systems with ducts or radiators? Instead of directly heating objects through the transfer of energy via air or water, infrared heaters target specific objects and heat them directly, allowing you to minimize the transfer of heat outside of a given space.

Because the infrared space heater targets only the objects that need that heat, the heat is more likely to remain where it is for longer – saving you money and reducing the workload of your infrared heaters.

Imagine you want to heat a detached garage during colder months. If you piped in a radiant heat source or installed air vents, you would spend a fortune keeping that garage warm enough through the chill of fall and winter.

However, with infrared space heaters, you can provide heat only where it’s needed and it will stay within that confined space. Of course, infrared space heaters don’t heat objects farther away, so they work best in this confined space, regardless of how much open air is around the heating targets. Trying to heat an entire warehouse with only infrared heaters probably won’t work, but using them to heat specific work areas within that warehouse will.

We Install Infrared Space Heaters in Portland

Most infrared space heaters are relatively simple to install, but they need to be properly sized for the space you plan on heating. So, if you don’t choose someone with expertise using these devices, you may get a device that is either too small or too large. This will result in a loss of energy and wasted money. After installation is completed, you should have your infrared space heater calibrated and checked routinely to ensure it continues to work properly for years to come. Especially if you have gas powered infrared heaters installed, you’ll need someone with experience working with these devices to visit once every year or two to check on their performance.

No matter what type of space you need to heat, know that infrared space heaters are a fantastic option. Give The Clean Air Act Inc. a call today and ask our trained technicians what the best solution is for your unique situation. We’ve worked closely with customers throughout the Portland metropolitan area for years and we’d love to add you to our long list of satisfied customers.

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