Air Conditioning from Your Smart Phone

Most Welches residents are getting comfortable playing games and checking emails on the tiny screens of their smart phones.  Some are even watching movies and music videos, and for many, the smart phones have become the camera of choice to record their way in the world.

But have you considered the many practical ways a smart phone can be used to perform valuable functions in your home, greatly reducing energy costs and the size of your carbon footprint? The solution to one of our biggest problems is in your hands.

Smart Homes

New technology is both visible and invisible in many more ways around your home than just your giant TV screen or computer.  New homes today are being configured with wireless technology that does much more than connect you with the World Wide Web.

From the garage door opener that welcomes you to the alarm clock that sends you on your way, improvements are capable of being built-in or retrofitted into every nook and corner of the way you live, all controlled by your fingertips on the screen of your smart phone.  The technology is available and the only impediment today is finding the way to distract average consumers from their entertainment apps to learn how they can utilize the tool to increase their comfort (and give them more time to play).

One Touch Convenience

Instead of a brash buzz from the digital alarm clock on the nightstand, imagine being lured awake by the soft sounds of classical music and the succulent aroma of your favorite coffee brewed freshly to your specification.  From your phone, you can remotely direct this dream into reality.

On a cold winter night without wastefully leaving the heat on all day or risk of burning the house down, you can return from the workplace to a cozy home with a warmth of your heating system.  The oven is pre-heated and ready to roast.  The big screen is poised to play that game you couldn’t watch last night.  Even the car has been warmed up and waiting to comfortably get you on your way.

Cool When You Need to Be

As the reality of climate change sinks in, the wacky weather patterns that are bringing unpredictable heat spells and cold snaps creates unusual inconveniences.  If a sudden cold front rolls in when your air conditioning unit was scheduled to run, you could waste a ton of energy.  But with new wireless thermostat technologies that does not have to occur.  New apps allow you to turn off your air conditioning unit from wherever you are.

From your phone away from home, the new technology enables you to check the temperature inside and out and adjust the thermostat accordingly.

The Best is Yet to Come

The growing awareness of environmental change and our ability to impact it for better or worse is creating a “can-do” attitude amongst inventors, supply-side providers and consumers.  Join the party and put your toy to work!  Call The Clean Air Act today to learn about more interesting ways to save energy and stay efficient.

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